Visual identity for DADA Parrucchieri

Two well-known hairstylists from our city have decided to combine their respective businesses by creating a new salon.

We have been entrusted with the task of developing the new brand.



The project did not include a naming phase on our part, as customers decided to use the first two letters of their names, DA DA (David and Daniele) to emphasize the idea of ​​merging.

We have been asked to produce a visual identity that expresses elegance and decision, being at the same time attractive to both female and male customers. Indeed they have decided to focus on the male sector as well.

Logo identity logo
Dada biglietto da visita
DADA stationery


After analyzing the briefing and with the values ​​to communicate in mind, we wanted the identity to have a strong, decisive and attractive flavour.
We, therefore, designed the logo and the identity that represented these characteristics.

Everything is designed in the name of high contrast: black and white, generous negative spaces, text that contrasts bold and ultralight weights, geometric shapes but at the same time sinuous.

The logotype combined with the images provides two uses: superimposed on the positive side, or in negative, revealing parts of the underlying image.

Dada branding imagery
Dada business card
DADA identity
Dada branding imagery


The result is a brand that does not go unnoticed, dynamic and ambitious that well reflects the values ​​and the aesthetic taste of the two hairstylists.


This project has been presented in:

Behance Graphic Design Gallery

DADA Lookbook 2016
A4 Catalogo Cover
Catalogo Lookbook Dada
Lookbook design Dada
Catalogo Lookbook
Lookbook design Dada
Dada Brand Identity packaging
Package-design Dada bag
DADA identity t-shirt
Tote bag design Dada
Dada Imagery identity design