Bocanegra Studio identity redesign

We have redesigned our new website and rebranded our identity.

Identity/Web design/Print


We wanted a new identity that reflected our growth and progress as a studio.
Our aim was to create a brand that communicates modernity and elegance.

Bocanegra studio logotype
Bocanegra Studio identity brochure and catalogue
Bocanegra Studio identity stationery


We have created our own stencil version of the Futura. With this font, we have created the logotype, which we use in two versions, the extended one which includes the entire name of the study and the synthetic one represented by the single B.
We sought cleanliness and elegance, with an emphasis on the stencil character often used in important dimensions. The clean and minimal appearance is accentuated by the use of black and white in the printed material, while for the web we have envisaged the use of an accent colour, a bright green.
A series of icons have been designed for the presentation of various services on the web.

Bocanegra identity redesign logo
Bocanegra Studio identity stationery
Bocanegra Studio identity font


In support of the stationery, we have created MDF block holders with carved and engraved the studio logo. The neutral cardboard used in different applications accompanies the uncoated paper chosen for all the prints.


This project was presented on:

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Behance AIGA Gallery

Bocanegra Studio identity portfolio
Bocanegra identity redesign icons
Business Cards and logotype. Bocanegra Studio
Bocanegra Studio identity brochure
Bocanegra Studio identity system design
Letterheads design.