Considering the importance that brand identity plays for a company’s success, it should be designed by a professional designer following a specific process.
We know the effort that it is needed to develop new business in terms of economic investment: that’s why we have created the Brand identity Start-up Pack.
A package that includes the development of corporate identity and a series of solutions based on customer needs.
The development of the brand identity in a single phase, as well as ensuring consistency, improves the organization and time managing.
The Startup Pack is the solution to get a professional identity for your company at a competitive price.
It is intended for companies that need to contain budget down without giving up quality.


identity design


A first meeting with the customer will allow highlighting the peculiar aspects of the company. Targets, positioning and brand experience will be established. A graphic proposal will then be developed that reflects the concept and values of the company, ensuring its recognizability and increasing its visibility with respect to its competitors.
Once the logo has been designed, the entire identity system will be defined which includes: typography, colours, icons, images, etc.
The customer will be given the manual with the guidelines of the brand identity, which can be referred to in the daily use in order to maintain consistency.



Brand Identity Startup Pack includes a series of standard applications, that are those communication tools fundamental for any company whatever the sector in which it operates: business card and the other elements of the coordinated image. To avoid a substantial investment in the production of printed products with your own brand in the start-up phase, it is possible to create a series of labels in various formats to customize shoppers, envelopes, packaging, etc. Startup Pack is an excellent solution also because it can be customized. Each customer can then add applications based on the specific needs of the company, such as signage design, packaging and product design, custom clothing, etc.

web design


Brand Identity Startup Pack includes the creation of the corporate website, fully responsive, HTML and CSS pixel perfection and basic SEO. It is now essential for every company to be present on the net since its inception, to create an effective brand experience and immediately establish a strong bond with its customers. It is also possible to include in the Startup Pack the creation of a CMS website, which can be easily updated by the user thanks to an intuitive and functional back-end and the integration of the eCommerce module.



Brand Identity Startup Pack is born from the awareness that the visual identity of a company is paramount in the launch phase. It must be a solid foundation on which to build the path to success. Therefore no compromises are allowed! Startup Pack allows you to optimize the time and work process, this translates into cost savings for the customer.


Every system of a coordinated professional image is governed by a set of rules that ensures its coherence and ability to communicate. A limited budget can push a start-up entrepreneur to realize the various elements of the visual identity of his company in various steps, perhaps turning to different professionals and bypassing the definition of these rules. Brand Identity Startup Pack includes the creation of a coordinated image manual, style guide, which ensures the customer an effective and unambiguous communication, as well as easy management of its brand even if in the future it turns to another designer.


Startup Pack was created to meet the needs of each company, so it is possible to customize the choice of components. Beyond the basic elements, it is possible to choose to create: website, signage, package, flyer, catalogues, etc.

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